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Riccardo Frati

My plastic surgery journey with Dr Frati was truly amazing. I had breast uplift with implants. My recovery was pain free. My scars are really invisible! My breasts are full and natural. I am over the moon!


Jordanna Roberts

Douglas McGeorge

Douglas was tender, warming and knowledgeable. When you are already down on confidence, signing up for a life changing procedure is a massive step. Douglas made me feel comfortable every step of the way through my breast enlargement. Highly recommend!!


Jodie Wright

Dr Frati

Amazing results! Really happy still nearly 2 years later, he gave me exactly what I asked for! I know its hard to trust just anyone but all his reviews [online] really helped, that fact he’s a popular well known surgeon as well. I put my full trust in him, I wouldn’t have anyone else touch me again. Very quick recovery as well, not half as painful as I anticipated! I was up and out within 3 days.


Jane Williams

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